This is a 6HR LIVE Session on ZOOM.


Here we go over how to make a balloon wall from start to finish, this is an interactive process where we build the style of the look together - as I go over proper technique for the look we want to accomplish! 


All sizes of 5"-36" balloons will be used, florals and ORB accents are demonstrated in the class. 


Apart from the demonstration, we will also be going over: suppliers, material purchase orders, quoting and billing clients, and how to price out your looks!


*Colours are as per availability of the supplier, at least one Double stuff shade is always used!


The date chosen for the 1on1 will be decided over direct email from Eve within 24HRS of your purchase. Please note a 3 week lead time is regularly required. Quicker availability MAY BE PROVIDED, but not garaunteed until confirmed via email.


Please email with any questions


WALLS 1on1 with Eve