1. Instructional tutorial video on:

        A. Step by Step Cluster Guide for your garland

        B. How to create the ideal Garland Shape

        C. Proficiency in using 5"-36" balloon sizes

        D. How to make your colour combos pop for different designs + accents

2. Reference Guide including: Materials List & Pricing



This combo is perfect for anyone looking to either learn how to make balloon decor as a hobby or as a business! We start off with assuming everyone is brand new to ballooning and go into a brief background of brands, qualities, and price points in the market for materials. Then we go over the following concept points when envisioning how our garland will look:

  • COLOURS:          what harmonies of double stuffed colours look balanced?
  • SIZING: what is the appropriate sizing of balloons to be proportionate to the garland size?
  • SHAPE: what should the shape of my garland be (full arch, half garland, 2 side garlands, etc.)?
  • ACCENTS: what kind of accents do I use? Confetti, Orbz, Florals, etc.
  • FRAMING:  what kind of support would my garland need?

The we go into the construction of the garland:

  • INFLATION & TYING: How to size your balloons and which sizes to make your clusters with.
  • BUILDING: Once all the balloons are inflated, how to step-by-step put the garland together.
  • ACCENTS: How to plan your accent placement of any orbz/confetti balloons.
  • FLORALS: How to add stems of florals into balloon garlands.

Once the garland is complete we go over:

  • HOW TO CREATE YOUR PURCHASE ORDER: If you were to recreate the look from scratch what quantities and sizes of balloons you will need to order. We go over North American suppliers and how to make your purchase order, with the total amount you would need for materials.
  • HOW TO PRICE YOUR GARLAND: Selling or pricing out the garland for future projects depends on the client’s budget. Here we go over how to price out the garland we created but also show how to make a more affordable version of the same design by manipulating colours and sizes of balloons.


Feel free to email or use the website forum to ask any questions after attendning the online class!


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APR 20th - Shaping Garlands