WELCOME! What’s New?

There are 3 kinds of Online Classes now available:

1. Pre-Recorded Online Balloon Classes

2. LIVE Online Balloon Classes via ZOOM

3. LIVE 1on1 Classes with Eve

What makes sense for me?


Pre-Recorded classes are a great place to start for someone who already has some experience in balloons or who wants to start! A materials list, pricing breakdown, and a 1HR step-by-step video tutorial is part of each pre-recorded class. 


LIVE classes are demonstrations for the first 2HRS (yes, questions can be asked throughout), and 30 mins are left in the end for questions. I just ask that long questions be kept towards the end of the session.


1on1 sessions are offered in 2 categories, walls and garlands. Some of us need a dedicated 6HRS with an expert  to learn all the intricacies of making a garland or wall. Others have all the necessary training and just end some REFINING!